Web On Web: Dating In The Middle Ages with Devin Mills

From blind dates to flat-out bad dates, Samantha Collins (Devin Mills) must navigate her way out of awkward and uncomfortable situations in an attempt to find the right man. So what’s with the Middle Ages pun? Turns out Samantha is also a historical romance writer, which plays a bit like Sex and the City, with Samantha narrating her thoughts as we watch her stumble through her experiences (gracefully, of course).

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What You Should’ve Watched on TV in 2010

2010 was the Year of the Creative Voice in Online Video. Mainstream stars did make a big play for online video this year, but the real “stars” of online video were still the independent creators who came in and made their own rules.



We all know the dating game can get pretty rough: the anxiety, the awkwardness, the frustrations- which probably could be manageable if it weren’t for the constant ticking of our biological clocks reminding us that time is running out. Now imagine just getting out of a marriage…