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Dating In The Middle Ages Valentine

Samantha’s Blog – Valentines Day Soiree

(Samantha Collins, lead character in the award winning comedy series, Dating In The Middle Ages, dishes about Valentines Day) This post goes out to all my girl pals without dates this Valentines Day… Yes…even though it’s a man-made holiday used mostly for selling cards, flowers, teddy bears, jewelry and chocolate (and anything else that can […]

Samantha’s Blog – Five Places to Meet Mr. Right

SAMANTHA COLLINS (lead character) from DATING IN THE MIDDLE AGES (http://datinginthemiddleages.com) sounds off about life, dating, writer’s block, stuff… No, I’m not an “expert” in the field of dating, but I am Dating In The Middle Ages, and I’ve had great experiences (My girlfriends have too!) meeting wonderful men (And making new friendships) at the places I’m about […]


MARKETING A WEB SERIES… When it comes to marketing “Dating In The Middle Ages”  the possibilities are endless. I’m very lucky to have many venues for my show, but as I stated in an earlier post  (scroll way down to find it)  do not make a web series without knowing who your target demo/market is. […]