Samantha Collins, Historical Romance Writer and Lead Character in the comedy Dating In The Middle Ages, sounds off about finding a boyfriend, love, dating, romance…

Samantha Collins, Historical Romance Writer


Okay, so I’m dating again after my fifteen year ended (we’re still good friends, thank goodness – I’ll blog about that later) and I came across this article below and had to share it with you…






5 Traits of a Good Boyfriend (applies to girlfriend too)

As taken from Your Tango, Sandy Weiner, Dating Coach website…

  1. His words and actions match. He doesn’t just say lovely things about you to your face. He shows you that he cares by putting you first. He’s thoughtful with his words and actions.
  2. He is consistent. He calls when he says he will. He escalates the relationship, from first phone call/text, to first date, to dating weekly, to seeing you several times a week, to being your boyfriend.
  3. He is honest and trustworthy. You can rely on him to have your back. He’s got your best interests in mind, can keep secrets, and is a great friend.
  4. When the going gets tough, he stays. He doesn’t walk out on you when you argue. He works thing out, even when it’s hard. He admits to being wrong.
  5. He takes responsibility for himself. He doesn’t call you names or blame you when things don’t go his way. He takes responsibility for his share of the issues and is open to working on himself and working things out with you.

Now if I could just meet someone that I could apply these too.  LOL.  Please comment and add your thoughts below.

(P.S.  So far, my Mom thinks she knows what’s best in lining up Mr. Right for me, and its oh so wrong…Watch Video below to see what I mean!)

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