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The first C…For some of us, a little compassion towards ourselves and others can be a Christmas Miracle in itself.  We know how to be kind and patient, but for some reason practicing it can elude us.  So, I’m inviting you to practice a little kindness and patience this holiday season and see how it goes.  You can do this by:

1.  Letting someone go a head of you in the grocery/department store line.
2.  Be a “nurturing parent” to yourself instead of the “critical” one.
3.  When you’re in your car and someone cuts you off on the freeway, wish them a Happy New Year instead of yelling profanity at them!
(I know, that last one is reaching, but no one said compassion was easy.)  And “for goodness sake” don’t forget to reward yourself for things you’ve done.

The second C…My friends mean a lot to me and I do my best to stay connected with them this time of year.  Whether it’s having them over for a little get together, sending e-mails, or a phone call, connecting matters.  And making one new friend every holiday season is a fun tradition too.  It’s a great time to meet new people.  Here are ideas about where and how…Meet New People Here.

The third C…And finally its fun and magical to practice creativity during the holidays.  It can be as small as wrapping your presents a different way, or trying a new holiday recipe, or as big as knitting sweaters for military personnel, or designing a non-profit website for the homeless, but creativity is our right and practicing creativity makes us more whole human beings.

If you’re an artist, working in a completely different medium can be fun: i.e if you paint take a singing lesson.  If you write, take a dance lesson.  Mix it up and see what happens.  You might find a new love.  If you’re not an artist, what a great time to try something new.  Start small though.  If you try and paint the Mona Lisa right out of the gate you’ll peter out way before the finish line.

I hope you’ll participate with me in practicing the three C’s.  I’d love to know how it goes for you.  Comment below…

“The mood is right, the spirits up, we’re here tonight and that’s enough.  Simply (wishing you) a wonderful Christmas Time!

Love, Sam

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Want some holiday cheer this season in the form of Laughter?  Check out seasons 1 & 2 of “Dating In The Middle Ages.”

If you really want to get serious about the Three C’s check out one of the “Personal Growth” books below…

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