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SAMANTHA COLLINS (lead character) from DATING IN THE MIDDLE AGES sounds off…

My best friend Gayle and I were talking about dating the other day at our favorite restaurant “La Frite” and she asked me, “Sam what is ‘your’ definition of dating in the middle ages?”  “Hmm,” I answered, “let me give it some thought.”  And after two delicious Ginger-Pear martinis, and three divine pate loaded sourdough crust inis, this is what I came up with…



1.   the practice of getting up off the couch after you turn 40, (this applies to both men and women) going out with someone who you might not have anything in common with, making small talk and hoping for the best.  Could be in the form of:

  • a.  meeting someone for a drink, being able to think of interesting things to talk to them about, and doing it all before your 9 p.m. bed time.
  • b.  going to a nice restaurant and having dinner with someone you’re attracted to.  (and remembering to take your Beano, Lactaid) so you don’t end up in the restroom all night after that way too spicy/cheesy chicken parmesan )
  • c.  Walking on the beach in the moonlight and listening attentively to that special someone while not yawning half-way through their speech about how their “Ex” never understood them. (especially if the speech starts after 9 p.m. 😉 )

 2.  The practice of courting in medieval times.  Could be in the form of:               

  • a.  A King/Prince/Knight/Lord/Noble/(and even a) Peasant rescues a damsel from distressful situation such as being eaten by dragon – then he’s kind enough to cook the beast up (over an open spit) and serve her dinner
  • b.   A King/Prince/Knight/Lord/Noble (and even a) Peasant takes the time to serenade a maiden and/or read her poetry, before trying to rip her clothes off and have his way with her.
  • c.   A (same as above) tries to Impress the maiden by stabbing her family’s enemy, cutting off his head then impaling it on a staff and placing it in front of her thatched cottage as a present. (This will also deter others from trying to rip her clothes off, understanding that they too could get beheaded for messing with her.)

We both had a good laugh over this.  If you have a fun definition you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it in the reply/comment box below.

Happy dating,


Samantha Collins

Samantha Collins




(Have fun watching Season One of Dating In The Middle Ages!)

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