Lead character @ditmasamantha in the comedy hit Dating In The Middle Ages sounds off about fashion over 40!

First of six posts on tips for fashion over 40…

Samantha Collins, Historical Romance Writer

In my 20’s anything worked on my body, even if it really didn’t.  What I mean is when you’re young and firm (everywhere) you’ll wear anything you want, right?  Who cares what others think…

But after 40 it’s different.  There are certain areas that just can’t hold up to the super short shorts or the sleeveless, low cut tank tops anymore.  And even though some of us middle aged gals still have the courage to wear these things – well you might just want to think twice before you head out the door…

Of course there are always exceptions.  Here’s one of the few women who can still pull it off…

Heide Klum

So here is the first of my pointers for how to dress after the big 4-0.

Dresses to the knees, please…unless your knees are real “Wowzers!” this is the best practice.  You can go even longer and still look very stylish, just look at below photos…

knee length- datinginthemiddleage.com









Of course if you must wear shorter dresses, leggings under them are the safest bet for not showing off knees that you might not be proud of.

Although in summer time it might be a little warm, its still the best practice.

Fashion Over 40, Leggings







Hope this helps…

I’ll be posting more tips for fashion over 40 in the next few days.  Don’t forget to comment below.

In the meantime, what’s your favorite dress you’ve ever worn?  If you have a photo, post it below too!

Sending DITMA love!


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