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No, I’m not an “expert” in the field of dating, but I am Dating In The Middle Ages, and I’ve had great experiences (My girlfriends have too!) meeting wonderful men (And making new friendships) at the places I’m about to share with you.  You, my dear reader, just have to have the courage to get out there and start.  (Btw, this works for all ages, and guys too) 🙂

Here we go…

1.  Pursue Your Hobby (Or take up a new one) –  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in your life who’s interested in the same things you are?  Do you Dance?  Paint? Play an Instrument? (Or want to?)  Then your potential Mr. (or Mz.) Right might be at the local Ball Room Dance Classes, Local Tango Dance Centers, Local Tap Dance Schools, Parks and Recreations Centers, YMCA, and Adult Learning Annexes are all great places to start. (I met my current BF Tango Dancing!)

2.  Take In A Lecture/Exhibit – Do you have a favorite Author, Motivational Speaker, or Artist?  Are you looking for new ones?  If you live in a big city, chances are they are doing a Book Signing, giving a lecture, or are having an art exhibit at a gallery opening/reception sometime soon near you.  This is where the “Calendar Section” of your local newspaper comes in handy.  Now if you are in a more rural area you might have to make the trek a large city by you, but I guarantee it’ll be worth it.

3.  Go Back To School – Yep, the local Community College believe it or not is a great place to meet people.  Especially the Adult Classes on and off campus.  Looking to take a Spanish or French class for Travelers?  Ready for that Creative Writing class you’ve been putting off?  How about just getting a gym membership at the local college? (Yep they do have them!) You can meet people, learn something new, and/or get fit all at the same time.

4.   It’s About Networking – I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but places like “Toastmasters” or local “Chamber of Commerce” networking events, even some “Trade Shows” (i.e. travel shows, car shows, comic-con, etc.) are all great places to meet your potential Mr. Right.  But this is not for the faint of heart.  (You might want to take a friend with you, especially to Trade Shows)  Oh, and you’ll need to brush up on (Or create) a 30 second pitch for yourself, and be prepared to talk to people.  Don’t know where/how to start your pitch?  That’s what “Toastmasters” is for. 🙂

5.  Your Neighborhood’s a Gold Mine –   Tip:  Yelp is a big help here!

A.  The Coffee Shop – I’m not talking Denny’s or Starbucks here. (Although I’m sure romances have been started there).  I’m talking that little Indy – BoHo, neighborhood coffee place where the same people gather every day.  Okay you might have to spend some time here (Get your same little nook/table with your lap top/book every day) to build credibility and familiarity, but hey, I’m sure you’ve got plenty to do.  (Remember that Creative Writing Class above? You have homework, right?)  Look around you, and take an interest in what people are reading or doing.  One question, “What are you reading/writing/working on?” can open up possibilities for a very long discussion.

B.  The Grocery/Health Food Store – Seriously, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been approached here.  And it usually goes something like this. I’m in the Wine/Card/housewares isle… (The guy) “Hi there, I was wondering, could you help me?  I’m looking for a (Insert wine/card/houseware here) for a friend and I’m not sure which one to get?”  One time a (cute) guy asked me which coffee pot to buy. (Ralphs only sold one type, LOL) Unfortunately (Or fortunately) 😉 I’ve always been in a relationship at the time.  But, Ladies, this time it’s your turn to ask the guy the same question when you see him!  So no more sweats and dirty hair when you go food shopping, trust me!

C.  Church or Place of Worship – This is a great place to meet someone with the same spirituality/religion interests as you.  For some people this is extremely important.  Some churches even offer relationship workshops, besides fun events. (i.e. theatre night, new member monthly event, etc.)

Any of the places above could be harboring your next date and potential Mr. Right.  You just gotta do some research and go!  That said, try not to take meeting guys to seriously (Or personally).  Its fun to look at it as practice or just an experiment.  And don’t expect too much too soon either.  But don’t worry.  Keep it up and soon you will be a pro at Dating In The Middle Ages!

I hope this helps.  Would love to hear your Comments/feedback below…Best of Luck!

Devin mills






Devin Mills is the Creator of the award winning online comedy “Dating In The Middle Ages.” 

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