July Fourth Social Pressure…

I always feel a bit of anxiety around the holidays, any holiday.  There is this pressure to Do something, be with others, go someplace, celebrate.

Sometimes I just can’t wait for the damn day to be over…

This July fourth I’ve been invited to a block party by a woman in my Zumba class, and though I have some trepidation about meeting new people, I’m trying to keep an open mind.  I’ve realized that if I go without putting pressure on myself to “get” something (i.e. meet someone, have a great time, etc.) and just be aware of how I’m feeling while there and relax, maybe I’ll have fun.

The whole pressure thing – to constantly get, do, be something/someone gets old.

At this point if I just suit up and show up for my friend (and myself) can be a wonderful lesson in staying present in my body, instead of having any expectations.

I’m wondering…how do you handle uncomfortable social situations, and/or feeling awkward at holiday gatherings?  Please share in a comment below…thanks!

Click Here to see how I dealt with one (hint:  it’s a date gone bad)

Sending Dating love…oxox


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