The definition of a love anorexic is “someone who compulsively avoids giving or receiving social, sexual, or emotional nourishment.” Yikes!  I might be love anorexic…I haven’t been on a date since last January – that’s a year ago. I’m not sure where the time went, but between writing a new novel, taking up a Buddhist…

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  July Fourth Social Pressure… I always feel a bit of anxiety around the holidays, any holiday.  There is this pressure to Do something, be with others, go someplace, celebrate. Sometimes I just can’t wait for the damn day to be over… This July fourth I’ve been invited to a block party by a woman…

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(*All blog post are from Lead character, Samantha Collins, in award winning comedy, Dating In The Middle Ages…) Forties are the new twenties is such old boloney… Listen, I’m all for people feeling, acting, looking younger, but the truth is (at least for me) once you’re in your forties things change. Period. My body does…

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  I’m wondering if I made a Christmas Etiquette Faux Pas here and could use some help… Today I’m a little embarrassed and ferhblungit (means totally perplexed in Yiddish) about a situation I’m in. See, a few weeks ago I invited a dear friend, let’s call her Wendy, who means the world to me to spend…

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Samantha’s Blog – Fashion Over 40 – Tip #2

Fashion Over 40 – Tip #2! Samantha Collins, (@ditmaSamantha, and lead character) From Dating In The Middle Ages, talks Fashion Over 40 – Tips! Tip #2 – Buy yourself a tailored Jacket! Listen, we all know our bodies change as we get older, but good fashion sense doesn’t.  If you’ve never gotten yourself a darling…

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Samantha’s Blog – Surrounded by Crazies!

SURROUNDED BY CRAZIES. Yes, it’s terrible what’s happing in the Ukraine, but honestly I don’t have to look that far away to access the c-r-a-z-i-e-s in my life. Case in point…yesterday my Mom came over (for the third time this week – yes I know it’s only Wednesday) and wanted me to go with her…

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Samantha’s Blog – Fashion Over 40 – Tip #1

Lead character @ditmasamantha in the comedy hit Dating In The Middle Ages sounds off about fashion over 40! First of six posts on tips for fashion over 40… In my 20’s anything worked on my body, even if it really didn’t.  What I mean is when you’re young and firm (everywhere) you’ll wear anything you want,…

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Samantha’s Blog – 5 Traits of a Good Boyfriend

Samantha Collins, Historical Romance Writer and Lead Character in the comedy Dating In The Middle Ages, sounds off about finding a boyfriend, love, dating, romance…   Okay, so I’m dating again after my fifteen year ended (we’re still good friends, thank goodness – I’ll blog about that later) and I came across this article below…

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Samantha’s Blog – Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Don’t want to go out this Valentine’s Day? No Problem. Here’s Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home.   1.  Wine For Two and a hot bath too!  (Don’t forget the candle and favorite sexy music playlist on your iPad…) 2.  Or How About a fun treasure hunt…start with a message at the front door…

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Samantha’s Blog – Valentines Day Soiree

(Samantha Collins, lead character in the award winning comedy series, Dating In The Middle Ages, dishes about Valentines Day) This post goes out to all my girl pals without dates this Valentines Day… Yes…even though it’s a man-made holiday used mostly for selling cards, flowers, teddy bears, jewelry and chocolate (and anything else that can…

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