Dating In The Middle Ages Valentine

(Samantha Collins, lead character in the award winning comedy series, Dating In The Middle Ages, dishes about Valentines Day)

This post goes out to all my girl pals without dates this Valentines Day…

Yes…even though it’s a man-made holiday used mostly for selling cards, flowers, teddy bears, jewelry and chocolate (and anything else that can be used to make money off the industry of “love”) I’m still a little melancholy about not having a guy to buy me super, expensive, over-priced roses.

My Mom, Fiona, had three dates/offers lined up weeks ago and today she couldn’t stop bragging about it at breakfast. I found myself secretly wishing she’d choke on her gluten free cereal every time she mentioned how bad she felt having to choose between Mel, Murray and Fred.

Depressing when your senior citizen Mom has more dates than you, but rather than have a one-on-one pity party I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I planned a fun “singles’ event. Yes, my “single” girlfriends Gayle, Stephanie, and Eva (well, Eva just broke up with her boyfriend for the third time so technically she’s not single) are meeting me for a “Single Girl’s Valentines Day Soiree.”


I picked a posh little French Restaurant (with a great Happy Hour) that we’ll all meet at after work.  We’re even exchanging Valentines to each other (that was Gayle’s idea) which I think is awesome!  We’ll spend some quality time together, share good food and stories, and to me that’s worth more than any incredibly over-priced flowers. (But, not the jewelry, nothing’s more important than a great piece of jewelry, LOL)

Or if you don’t want to fight the crowds, host the “get together” at your house or one of theirs, or have a Valentine’s Day Brunch.  Add some worst date stories to the mix, some great martinis and have a fantastic night together dishing up some laughs and celebrating love in the form of friendship.

If you have any other ideas for singles on how to spend Valentines Day, I’d love for you to share them below…

(disclaimer – the apostrophe was purposely left out of Valentine’s Day for SEO purposes 🙂 )

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