Now that you’ve painstakingly re-written those web series scripts and tweaked them over and over what’s the first thing you do?

Have them read out loud!
In my opinion this step is imperative in creating a solid show.

We all have friends and family (hopefully) that can read. Now it’s time to ask for their help and enlist them to come over and speak your words out loud.

You’ll have to put your ego on a shelf here. After all in the end it comes down the writing and you’ll need an objective view of your work to polish and make it shine.

And if you can keep your ego in check for the whole day (and you really trust your friends’ opinions) you can invite them to give feedback on the scripts in the form of, but not limited to:

Big things like
– do the episodes flow?
– does the dialog make sense?
(and the huge one)
– do I even need this character/episode?

To the little things like
– spotting poor grammar and
– spelling typos in the scripts.

And by all means feed them for their trouble. (and if you can afford it do something a little nicer than pizza) 🙂

I’m so lucky to have the wunderkind, Victor of Aquitaine, Kelly Lester, Caroline Bielskis, Marie Del Marco, and Paul Bond as friends and fellow actors.

They came over last Sunday and spent hours with me going through the scripts. Not only was it great hearing the work out loud, but they gave me wonderful feedback and even threw out a few good suggestions on casting.

If you want your work to glisten don’t be afraid to take this step. In order for your show to become a sparkling gem you’ll definitely need a little help from your friends!

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